Mali Supports Morocco’s Autonomy Initiative for Sahara

Mali Supports Morocco’s Autonomy Initiative for Sahara

Mali, which struggles with separatism at home, has openly expressed support for Morocco’s autonomy initiative to end the Sahara conflict.

“The autonomy plan has been deemed serious and credible by several UN resolutions”, said Malian Foreign Minister Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly after talks in Rabat with his Moroccan peer, Nasser Bourita.

He said the autonomy plan offers prospects for a political solution to the Sahara issue and spares the region “clashes and violence”.

Mali adopts “a position of constructive neutrality” over the Moroccan Sahara issue and hopes for a peaceful solution to this conflict, said the Malian minister in a statement to the press after his talks with Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

He added that his country supports the UN process for settling the dispute and wishes that this process continues.

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