Egyptian Company Edita to Set up Factory in Morocco

Egyptian Company Edita to Set up Factory in Morocco

Edita Food Industries SAE (EFID) has announced plans to set up snack food factory in Morocco. Edita, which has teamed up with Dislog Group in Morocco, seeks to reinforce its expansion plans and strengthen its position in the snacks market.

Last December, Edita’s chairman and CEO Hani Berzi said that commercial operations will begin in early 2018 with exports of Edita’s products to Morocco, while the second stage will entail the establishment of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2019 with an initial investment estimated at around $10 million.

Established in July 1996, Edita Food Industries SAE is an Egypt-based company that operates in the packaged snack food market. The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a range of branded baked snack products, including packaged cakes, croissants, rusks (baked wheat snacks), and wafers, as well as selected confectionary/candy products.

The Company has the ownership of some international brands in Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Palestine and acts as the regional distributor of several brands of imported sweeteners, olive oils & pasta.

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