OCP Africa Supplies Tanzania with 32,000 tons of DAP Fertilizer

OCP Africa Supplies Tanzania with 32,000 tons of DAP Fertilizer

OCP Africa, a subsidiary of the Moroccan Phosphate OCP group, has delivered 32,000 tons of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) to Tanzania, after a previous shipment of 23,500 tons of this phosphorus fertilizer.

These shipments of DAP show OCP Africa’s commitment to guaranteeing to the farmers of this African country access to fertilizers at competitive prices. They are also part of a strategic partnership sealed between OCP and Tanzania’s ministry of Agriculture and Tanzanian Fertilizer Company (TFC).

Diammonium phosphate is the world’s most widely used phosphorus fertilizer. It is made from two common constituents in the fertilizer industry, and its relatively high nutrient content and excellent physical properties make it a popular choice in farming and other industries.

OCP Group is the world’s leading producer and exporter of phosphates in all forms and an essential player on the fertilizers market.

In 2016, it has set up OCP Africa dedicated to the development of the agricultural ecosystem in the continent. The subsidiary pledges to contribute to meeting the challenge of creating structured, efficient and sustainable agriculture in Africa.
It also vows to provide agricultural producers with all the resources they need in order to succeed: suitable, affordable products, services and partnerships, logistics and financial solutions.

The holding OCP Africa company has just been granted CFC status. This label is a real asset for the company in facilitating its investments and operations across the continent.

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