Egypt: Opposition figure, former MB listed as terrorist

Egypt: Opposition figure, former MB listed as terrorist

Recently arrested opposition figure Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh has appeared on authorities’ backlist of terrorists after the ministry of interior accused him of fostering ties with exiled members of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

The former member of the Islamist movement has been remanded in prison since his arrest last week upon his return from London.

Security authorities arrested him for giving an interview in which he was critical of President Fattah al-Sisi. He is also being held over contact with some exiled members of the organization “to sow trouble and instability”.

Fotouh took part in the 2012 post revolution elections, won by former ally Mohamed Morsi who became the country’s first democratically elected President. Fotouh joined in 2013 calls that led to Morsi’s overthrow by incumbent President.

His name has been added to 14 others at the request of the public prosecutor. The other names have not been divulgated.

The critic last month joined several other figures of the opposition to call for the boycott of next month presidential elections, where the incumbent president will run unchallenged.

Actually, all potential challengers to President al-Sisi have been sidelined or forced to bow out of the contest.

The Al-Sisi regime has banned the Islamist movement and has arrested thousands of its members including top figures among whom Morsi himself. Other figures have been forced in exile.

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