King Mohammed VI Reiterates Need to Rethink Morocco’s Development Model

King Mohammed VI Reiterates Need to Rethink Morocco’s Development Model

King Mohammed VI reiterated his call for the elaboration of a new development model conducive to achieving social justice and addressing the problem of social and inter-regional disparities.

In a message to the third parliamentary forum on social justice, which opened Monday in Rabat, under the theme “The challenges of social and spatial justice and the components of the new development model,” the Moroccan monarch highlighted the need to rethink Morocco’s development model in order to overcome obstacles hindering its development and address weaknesses and gaps revealed by past experience.

He explained that the desired development model hinges on three main factors, first of which is the societal changes witnessed in Morocco requiring effective ways to improve the situation of young people, “who are our real asset and the country’s everlasting wealth.”

The second factor, according to the King, relates to mindsets. “I firmly believe that the success of any vision hinges upon a change in mentalities. This is the only way to continue promoting the development the country is witnessing in various sectors and at the same time to set the stage for a new culture based on entrepreneurship, self-reliance and accountability,” the Monarch said.

The third pillar consists in reforming public administration to discharge its mission properly in terms of serving the citizen and promoting investments and spurring the development of regions, underscored the King.

The Monarch noted that achieving social justice requires addressing an array of challenges including social and inter-regional disparities and the link with the constraints weighing on the management of tax and social security systems.

Equally important is the issue of universal access to basic social services and facilities, “this being one of the pillars of social justice,” he said, adding that the new development model is also dependent on having “institutions that are imbued with the values of solidarity and social justice and that contribute to solving citizens’ real problems and responding to their concerns and urgent demands.”

Social justice is an endeavor that requires the contribution of all stakeholders with objective ideas and proposals. “There are neither limits nor conditions to this broad national debate, provided it is in keeping with the Constitution and with the nation’s immutable values enshrined in it.”

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