New Revelations about Polisario Element, Member of Busted Terror Cell

New Revelations about Polisario Element, Member of Busted Terror Cell

The Polisario member who was arrested by Morocco’s counterterrorism agency, the Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), during the dismantling Thursday of a terror cell is a separatist who underwent training to the handling of weapons in the Polisario-run camps in Tindouf.

According to a security source, quoted by the news portal le360, the detainee, who was arrested in Laayoune, had lived for two years in Tindouf, where he embraced jihadist extremism.

He returned to Morocco to perpetrate terrorist acts under Daesh (ISIS) label, the security source said.

The suspect’s jihadist extremism highlights the existence of documented links between the Polisario separatist front and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s terrorist rampant monster. “Hundreds of young people from the Polisario front joined the terrorist groups roaming in the Sahel and Libya,” the security source told the e-journal.

Like his accomplices, the pro-Polisario member was totally imbued with the bloody ideology of Daesh. He invested himself in an unbridled cyber propaganda for the terrorist entity, in an attempt to rally like-minded extremists, the source said.

The initial findings of the investigation revealed that the respondent had repeatedly checked how to make explosive devices and was planning to perpetrate terror acts against security guards and soft targets, the news portal stated.

When he was arrested, he was in possession of electronic gadgets and ID cards delivered by the Polisario as well as a military outfit and a separatist flag.

Around 100 members of the Separatist Movement have joined ISIS ranks in Libya and in the Sahel.

In october 2016, Moroccan authorities busted a supposedly Al Qaeda-linked terrorist cell, the “Saharawi Jihad Front,” headed by a Polisario supporter.

Since 2010, the link between the Polisario and terrorist organizations in the Sahel has been making the headlines.

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