Morocco to Benefit from WB Treasury Govt Debt & Risk Management Program

Morocco to Benefit from WB Treasury Govt Debt & Risk Management Program

Morocco has become member of the Government Debt and Risk Management (GDRM) program of the World Bank Treasury. The GDRM Program provides assistance to middle-income countries (MICs) to improve macroeconomic and fiscal management by reducing vulnerability to financial and other shocks.

The GDRM Program brings a tailored approach to each country’s priorities and provides expert advisory services to improve the quality of government debt and risk portfolio, including institutional strengthening and technical capacity development.

The program is uniquely designed to support MICs from diagnostic work, to reform plans through implementation.

The GDRM Program, established in 2011 with three countries, with the addition of Morocco and Ukraine will now be serving 14 countries. Other participating countries include Albania, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, and Vietnam.

The World Bank Treasury provides advisory services and training to official sector investment managers to help countries efficiently manage foreign currency reserves and other investment portfolios.

It focuses is on building a governance and risk management framework that balances return objectives with prudent risk management and controls. Engagements typically last three years and target broad institution-building of investment management operations.

The World Bank Treasury has over 20 years of experience in consulting and capacity building with official sector asset managers and manages close to $160 billion in assets for over 60 World Bank Group and other official sector institutions.

The World Bank Treasury designs, customizes and implements financial solutions to support client countries’ efforts to mobilize financial resources for development projects and manage different types of risks stemming from currency and interest rates to disasters and other global issues that affect member countries.

Treasury draws on its market access and partnerships with the public and private sectors and leverages the balance sheets of World Bank Group institutions to provide the most suitable financial solution, whether it be from IDA, IBRD, IFC or MIGA.

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