Libya: Voter registration process kicks off

Libya: Voter registration process kicks off

The Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC) announced Wednesday the beginning of the voter registration process in view of preparing next year crucial elections said to mark the end of the transitional government and make room for elected institutions.

UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghassan Salamé has tendered to the UN Security Council an action plan, which will enable Libyans to go to the polls late next year to elect new leaders who will take charge of the country and restore its prestige.

Last time Libyans went to polls was 2014 but the electoral process further divided the country.

At a meeting with Salamé, HNEC Head, Emad Alsayah noted that the process will take two months but could be extended as required.

Libyans abroad are also expected to take part in the electoral process and can start registering from February 1.

Less than one million and half Libyans, according to the UN Envoy, currently feature in the voter register against real number of potential voters put at beyond four million and half.

“We must have elections that can represent as many Libyans as possible and this needs HNEC systems to be upgraded,” he said.

The HNEC has started campaigning for the process. Libyans can register by telephone by sending a text message featuring their ID number and place of residence.

Several countries have moved to support the electoral process.

France on Monday donated €200,000 to the UN Program Promoting Elections for the People of Libya (PEPOL). Late last month, the Dutch government set the tone for foreign assistance by committing €1.6 billion for the success of the crucial process.

Salamé however noted that the elections are contingent on a number of issues including security and suitable legislations.

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