Far Right Gears Belgium’s Migration Policies

Far Right Gears Belgium’s Migration Policies

Belgium is swinging to far right politics in dealing with migration and travel visas. The recent anti-Moroccan statements by Belgian Migration Minister Theo Francken show a worrying trend taking place in the home of EU institutions.

In a case of recidivism fueled by animosity to anything Moroccan, Belgian Migration minister has described Morocco along with Tunisia as “unsafe countries”.

Francken, in 2007, has also sent an email describing Moroccans as “little scum”. Last October, he compared Morocco to Sudan saying that these are “countries where human rights are not respected.”

Even worst, in 2011, he spitted his venom on facebook describing Moroccan presence in Belgium as bringing “no added value”.

Francken hardline stands against migration and asylum are inspired from his belonging to a far-right Flemish nationalist party N-VA that is a relic of the collaborationists with Nazis in the WWII. Hence, the humanitarian approach will give way to nationalistic policies restricting right to international protection and tightening the grip on migrants.

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