Morocco’s King Calls for ‘Green Revolution’ in Africa

Morocco’s King Calls for ‘Green Revolution’ in Africa

King Mohammed VI of Morocco stressed the need for a “Green Revolution” in Africa that is based on a large-scale overhaul of technology and production methods suited to the African context and consistent with the requirements of climate change.

The call was made in a message to the participants in the 10th edition of the “World Policy Conference”, which kicked off Friday in Marrakech.

The message, read out by the King’s advisor Yassir Znagui, calls for achieving a transformation of African agriculture at all levels, from primary production to agro-industrial value chains.

“This should help us make the most of the Continent’s enormous agricultural potential – particularly arable land – and offset the socio-economic difficulties faced by agricultural stakeholders, which are mostly due to relatively low outputs,” the Monarch underscored.

The Monarch also pointed out to the challenges facing the development of the African industry’s competitiveness. “The two main challenges facing Africa’s industry are the development of innovative activities and the training of a skilled workforce,” he said.

In this respect, the King drew attention to the need for new forms of financing and partnerships to encourage the growth of transformative projects and speed up their implementation without ignoring the development of infrastructure.

King Mohammed VI also called for fostering innovative strategies and ambitious policies, which, he said “should not only be based on the accomplishments that have already been made, but which should also draw inspiration from successful initiatives at global level”.

“These strategies and policies should be adapted to our diverse social, economic and cultural realities,” he said, insisting on the need “to streamline our institutions, promote good governance and significantly improve the way public funds are used”.

He said that Africa’s tremendous assets in terms of human capital “offer an exceptional opportunity to achieve progress,” insisting, however, that “Africa’s potential and its assets are better harnessed when firm growth benefits all segments of the population”.

The King went on to highlight that “a proactive Africa is replacing a submissive Continent,” and that the Continent has resolutely embarked on a path towards prosperity. “Today, Africa is rapidly changing as it builds on its own model as well as on a vast array of partnerships. An ‘Africa of options’ – instead of an ‘Africa of constraints’ – is taking shape”.

However, to lay the groundwork for the future of young African generations, the Monarch said efforts must be properly guided and objectives firmly pursued. “Over and above classical South-South and North-South partnerships – which have become more dynamic and more numerous – I invite you to consider new forums and mechanisms for exchange and partnership, in order to ensure a brighter future for our populations,” the king underlined.

The event offers eminent figures from a wide range of backgrounds the opportunity to discuss major regional and global issues. It is also aimed at contributing to improve governance in terms of thinking, decision-making and control.

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