Doha Contemplates Sea Links with North Africa

Doha Contemplates Sea Links with North Africa

Doha is envisioning the establishment of sea links with North Africa from its mega Hamad port in a bid to expand foreign trade and dodge the isolation imposed on it by its neighbors.

The future links will also enable the tiny Gulf country to reach European countries to the happiness of businessmen.

The sea route will connect Qatar to Morocco, Tunisia and other Arab countries for the export and re-export of goods from the multi-billion dollar Hamad Port.

“New shipping lines are expected to be started from the Hamad Port to North Africa region,’’ said Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Towar Al Kuwari, Vice Chairman of Qatar Chamber.

Qatar in June launched the $7.4 billion mega sea port amid the Gulf crisis opposing it to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt.

The four cut off sea, ground and air links with Doha, causing serious damages to Qatar’s commodities needs.
The new port, which also includes a naval base, is designed to secure Qatar’s food security and to sustain the country’s trade with the rest of world.
Hamad Port also possesses specialized facilities for the processing, manufacturing and refining of rice, raw sugar and edible oils.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the UN-backed Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) have adopted a neutral stance in the Gulf crisis.

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