Spanish Government to Earmark €10.7 mln to reinforce border Security in Ceuta

Spanish Government to Earmark €10.7 mln to reinforce border Security in Ceuta

The Spanish government has recognized the failure of its border fence policy to stop the flow of migrants to its enclaves in northern Morocco and announced measures amounting to €10.7 million to reinforce border security in Ceuta.

The six-meter barbed wire fence could not thwart thousands of migrants from taking the risk of crossing into the Spanish occupied enclaves as illegal migration attempts have surged this year.

The alarm was raised by Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido who was speaking to MPs detailing the shortcomings of the border fence policy.

He said that the Spanish government is reconsidering its anti-illegal migration policy and that new measures will be taken to address this cross border challenge.

In this respect, the Spanish press reported that Zoido plans to equip Spanish border guard helicopters with advanced cameras that can provide early warnings of groups gathering to mount an attempted assault on the fence.


The fence has drawn the condemnation of international rights organization, which often call it the “wall of shame” and a symbol of “fortress Europe,” which came to refer to the European Union’s obstructive policies towards immigrants.

Spain spent more than €30 million fortifying the border, and the fences grew from three to six meters in height. Ever since the cities have sealed themselves off more securely, refugees have instead been crossing the Mediterranean Sea in ramshackle boats.

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