Algeria Should Look in Mirror before Criticizing Morocco on Human Rights

Algeria Should Look in Mirror before Criticizing Morocco on Human Rights

Algeria has been asked to look in the mirror before raising the human rights situation in Morocco and its southern provinces, the Sahara.

In a scathing criticism of the Algerian disillusioned diplomacy, Moroccan representative at the Human Rights Council (HRC) told Algeria to address the grave human rights violations within its territories before venturing to give lessons to others.

As Algeria loses ground within the Council, it has resorted to proxies in a desperate attempt to tarnish Morocco’s image. Running out of allies, it chose Namibia as an agent to attack Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Morocco’s Chargé d’affaires in Geneva, Hassan Boukili, denounced before the 36th session of the Council the hypocrisy of Algeria, which flouts human rights at home while shamelessly pretending to champion them elsewhere.

He recalled that the efficiency of Morocco’s human rights institutions and mechanisms has been commended by the UN Security Council Resolutions along with the efforts undertaken by the Kingdom to put an end to the artificial dispute over the Sahara.

On the same occasion, Boukili called on the Council to question Algeria over the serious human rights breaches on its territories where minorities are persecuted and where UN human rights observers and other rights watchdogs are denied entry.

Boukili also cited the violations committed by the Polisario militias in the Tindouf camps, under the protection of the Algerian state, urging the council to list this issue in its agenda.


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