Morocco Seizes over 12 Tons of Cannabis, Captures International Drug Dealers

Morocco Seizes over 12 Tons of Cannabis, Captures International Drug Dealers

Moroccan authorities said Wednesday they seized over 12 tons of cannabis following the dismantling in the Northern city of Nador of an international drug smuggling network.

According to security services, six dealers aged between 20 and 57 were captured. Three houses located in the rural Ammejjaou area, used by the dealers as storage sites, were raided by Moroccan policemen who seized 19 vehicles, including three vans wherein drugs and nearly €300,000 were found.

They also seized an inflatable boat used in international drug trafficking, electronic marine navigation equipment, high-speed boat engines and a hunting rifle with 56 bullets.

Morocco’s efforts to intensify the fight against drug traffickers are undeniable. The North African Kingdom has always been cooperating with the United Nations and international narcotics control agencies to reduce the areas wherein cannabis is cultivated.

Many European countries recognize Morocco’s efforts and support its policies to fight cannabis cultivation and trafficking. Spain, Portugal and France have all decided to coordinate actions with the Moroccan government to tighten the borders and monitor closely all the wild spots used by drug lords to grow their cannabis before shipment overseas.

The Moroccan government has set up a coordination unit for the fight against narcotics, “Unité de Coordination de Lutte Anti Drogue” (UCLAD), in an effort to improve the coordination between the various law enforcement services.

Morocco and the United States signed in 1989 a bilateral narcotics cooperation agreement, which calls for cooperation in the fight against illicit production, trafficking and abuse of narcotics.

Pursuant to this agreement, the two states maintain regular contact on anti-narcotic issues.

Morocco has similar anti-narcotics agreements with several European countries.

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