Morocco Hosts Conference on Arab Inclusive Growth & Job Creation

The city of Marrakech will host next Jan.29-30 an international conference on promoting higher economic growth, job creation, and inclusiveness in the Arab World.
Building on the 2014 Amman conference “Building the Future”, which highlighted the need for growth to generate jobs and for its benefits to be shared more widely, the 2018 Marrakech conference aims to move the dial on discussions on inclusive growth in the Arab World from endorsement to implementation.

Key topics to be discussed at the gathering include: how to scale-up opportunities for women and youth by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation; embracing transparency and technology to unlock the region’s potential; and designing government policies that act as enablers of higher and more inclusive growth.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, Director General & Chairman of the Board of the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development Abdlatif Y. Al-Hamad, and Director General Chairman of the Board the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development (AFESD)Abdulrahman Al Hamidy will be among the conference speakers.

The proceedings will be streamed live, and portions will be broadcast by regional and local broadcasters. As part of the conference, young people from around the region will be invited to participate in a youth contest on innovation in September 2017.

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