Algeria: Notorious Terrorist killed in Bouira Province

Algeria: Notorious Terrorist killed in Bouira Province

The Algerian Ministry of Defense indicated Wednesday a detachment of the army neutralised a dangerous terrorist in the west of Bouira province, in the Kabylie region, during a combing operation.

The army detachment seized during the operation a pistol machine gun of Kalashnikov type, two bullet magazines as well as several cell phones, the ministry said in a statement.

The army also discovered early this week the corpse of a terrorist called ‘B. Mohamed’ east of Bouira, in a forest-covered region, between El Adjiba and Saharidj, El Watan reports.

During the discovery, the military also uncovered seven cell phones, drugs and some food stock used by terrorists.

In a separate statement, the army announced that another detachment ran across a cache of weapons made of a machine gun of FMPK type, one RPK machine gun, four automatic rifles of Simonov type, one rocket propelled grenade launcher, one shotgun and one sawed off shotgun at Aïn Defla, in the town of El Mekhtria.

The army said it is continuing the hunting of remaining terrorists still running loose in Bouira province.


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