Morocco Hosts World Climate Chance Summit Sept.11-13

Morocco Hosts World Climate Chance Summit Sept.11-13

Moroccan city of Agadir, one of the world popular touristic destinations, will host Sept.11-13 Climate Chance World Summit, the biggest event for non-state actors (local authorities, companies, NGOS, etc.) before COP23 to be organized by Fiji next Nov.6-17.

The summit will bring together climate actors from around the world to discuss several issues related to green projects financing, the convergence of the climate and development agendas, the importance of a territorial approach, etc.

The program of the summit includes plenary meetings, high-level dialogues with climate champions, focus sessions to present significant initiatives, forums and workshops to highlight the mobilization and acceleration of climate action.

The Agadir summit will provide a comprehensive overview of the state of engagement of non-state actors. It will also be an opportunity for the elected representatives of cities and regions to take a strong stand, echoing the commitments made by the networks of local and regional authorities.

This new climate chance gathering intends to demonstrate that it is through the reinforcement and streamlining of concrete actions that all stakeholders can succeed in taking up the climate change challenge.

According to organizers, the list of participants includes climate actors and experts from some 50 countries and more than 300 speakers who will underline the important role played by non-state actors in the fight against climate change.

Participants will review the progress and governance of Global Climate Action (GCA) agenda set out by the Paris Agreement and to pinpoint solutions for moving up to a more significant scale, with a view to preparing recommendations for the facilitative dialogue in 2018.

They will also share their proposals, innovations and action reports, showcasing the progress made in climate action in transport, energy, agriculture, sustainable building, territorial planning, Ocean and Coast, education, etc.


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