Arab MPs Praise King Mohammed VI’s Moves to Protect Al Quds

Arab MPs Praise King Mohammed VI’s Moves to Protect Al Quds

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union hailed the efforts made by King Mohammed VI, Chairman of Al-Quds Committee, for the defense of Al-Quds Acharif, the protection of its monuments, the preservation of its Arab character and support for the Palestinian people.

In the final communiqué issued by the Union of Arab MPs that convened an emergency meeting in Morocco’s capital city of Rabat following Israeli provocative actions in Al-Aqsa mosque, AIPU lauded the royal actions and projects seeking to improve the situation of Palestinians in the field of education, the restoration of monuments and improvement of social services through Bayt Mal Al-Quds.

“The Palestinian cause remains the top priority in the Arab-Muslim world”, say the Arab MPs in their final communiqué, calling on the international community to act to prevent Israel from spoiling Muslim holy sites as such practices risk to ignite sectarian violence in the whole region.

They also called on Arab governments and civil society to support the families of Palestinian martyrs and those whose homes have been destroyed by Israeli bulldozers.
Members of AIPU slammed Israeli violations of the sanctity of the holy sites and its decision forbidding worshippers from performing the Friday prayer in Al Aqsa mosque, a blatant violation of international laws and resolutions.

King Mohammed VI, Chairman of Al Quds Committee, an offshoot of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, has condemned, in a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres, Israel’s continued, systematic violations in the city of Al-Quds and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“On Friday 14 July 2017, it proscribed the Friday prayers, closed Al-Aqsa Mosque to worshipers for three days and, for the first time in half a century, banned the call to prayer. It also detained, for several hours, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestinian territories”, said King Mohammed VI.

“Israel has increased tension in the region by introducing additional provocative and unacceptable security measures, installing surveillance cameras throughout the Al Aqsa Mosque compound as well as security gates to check the worshipers and assaulting officials and employees of the Islamic endowment department”, added the Chairman of Al Quds committee.

“These illegal actions undermine the dignity of the inhabitants of Al Quds and constitute a provocation for all Palestinians. They may lead to an outpouring of anger and an overall public reaction that could compound the situation in the Palestinian territories”, warned King Mohammed VI, noting that these provocative practices arouse the feelings of Arabs, Muslims and freedom lovers in the world. They could incite extremist tendencies that may lead to further tension, animosity and violence in the entire region.


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