Morocco Offers ‘Green Growth Model’ in MENA region- Climate Tracker

Morocco Offers ‘Green Growth Model’ in MENA region- Climate Tracker

Morocco stands as a model in the MENA region when it comes to promoting green growth, said Climate Tracker, the world’s leading climate journalism portal, in an article entitled “Climate Change Threatens Uninhabitable Conditions for the Middle East and North Africa.”

“Morocco has been a good example,” wrote Lina Yassin on Climate Tracker highlighting that the North African Kingdom made “climate change adaptation a national priority” and set “the country on a path to green growth”.

The author shed light on Morocco’s efforts to adapt to climate change, notably in the agricultural sector, citing the Green Morocco Plan, which is focused on agricultural adaptation and sustainable water and land management.

She added that Morocco’s investments in clean-energy and innovation will effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and halt rising temperature that threatens to make large swathes of the MENA region uninhabitable.

With less than 2% of the world’s water supply, the MENA region is rapidly depleting its water resources. The region is home to six percent of the world’s population yet it contains 12 countries that face extreme water scarcity – including Maghreb countries such as Tunisia and Algeria.

Reports by international research centers warn that extreme heat due to climate change will make some countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia uninhabitable because it will create humid heat conditions at a level incompatible with human existence.

Therefore, the MENA region has no option but to go “green” taking adaptation along with mitigation measures to build up the resilience needed to cope with the dangers of climate change.




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