Polisario’s Delirium Concerning Morocco’s Territorial Waters

Polisario’s Delirium Concerning Morocco’s Territorial Waters

Faithful to its disinformation campaigns and propaganda methods, the Polisario issued a statement condemning Morocco’s adoption of a legal text providing for the demarcation of its maritime boundaries with the Spanish Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean.

In a statement, the Algerian-based Polisario alleged that the draft law adopted by the Government Council on Thursday concerning the delimitation of Morocco’s territorial waters is contrary to the decision of the International Court of Justice in 1975 and that of the European Court of Justice in 2016.

The accusations laid against Morocco by the Polisario front, whose leader Brahim Ghali is wanted by the Spanish justice, reveal their state of delirium and ignorance of the sovereign and legal measures that are inherent to state sovereignty.

The sovereign measure taken by Morocco to foster its legal arsenal concerning water boundaries was based on scientific data to precisely delimit its sea borders in line with the provision of the international law of the sea, pending the submission of a document to international relevant authorities to request the extension of its continental shelf.

By adopting laws governing the delimitation of its Atlantic territorial waters, Morocco is acting in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, said the Spokesperson for the Moroccan government Mustapha El Khalfi. He explained the legal texts aim at “strengthening Morocco’s legal rights on its territorial waters and asserting its sovereignty.”

El Khalfi said that the legal texts are also designed to enable Morocco to better monitor the circulation of vessels and ships, ensure sailing safety in the area and protect the environment.



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