Morocco-France, Important ‘Axis in Global Geopolitics’- Indian paper

Morocco-France, Important ‘Axis in Global Geopolitics’- Indian paper

France attached utmost importance to its special political, economic and security ties with Morocco as evidenced by the recent visit of the newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron to Morocco, a visit that set the future of ties between the two countries on the track of “becoming an axis in global geopolitics,” writes Rudroneel Ghosh on the Times of India.

“The new France-Morocco relationship is slated to become an important axis of global geopolitics,” he said in a comment on the French Presidency’s African policy.

The author adds that Paris needs a stable African partner to implement its new African policy, which aims at contributing to Africa’s economic boom and countering the terrorist threat in the Sahel.

He explained that Morocco stands as an ideal partner for France in its Africa Policy. “Today, Morocco is not only the most dynamic economy in North Africa but has also become the second largest investor on the continent,” he said.

Ghosh also highlighted King Mohammed VI’s vision of pushing South-South cooperation among sister African nations. “According to this policy framework, African nations must rely on their own strengths and resources, as well as partner with each other, to forge common success. It is with this principle in mind that Morocco has over recent years boosted its economic engagements with countries of the Sahara and Sahel regions,” he explained.

Key to France endeavor to counter the terrorist threat in the Sahel is economic cooperation and common development, he went on to say. “It is against this backdrop, that France needs to inject fresh energy into its ties with Morocco.”

It is no coincidence that Macron made it clear during a press briefing following talks with King Mohammed VI that his country is looking forward to establishing a “new tripartite partnership between Europe, the Maghreb and Africa.”


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