NATO to Set UP Intelligence Hub in Tunisia

NATO to Set UP Intelligence Hub in Tunisia

NATO is planning to set up an intelligence hub in Tunisia, which has been battered by terrorist attacks in the fallout of the chaos that rolled out of the Arab Spring in Libya.

Tunisian officials look at the new NATO center, dubbed the “Intelligence Fusion Centre,” as a chance to further strengthen cooperation to counter the jihadist threat that has negatively impacted their economy and tarred the image of the country as a safe tourist destination.

Tunisian news website,, reported that Tunisian authorities have launched negotiations with senior NATO officials to prepare for the setting up of the new intelligence center.

The creation of this intelligence center will see the international Atlantic alliance providing support to Tunisia’s security services as well as training for Tunisian Special Operation forces, the same website added.

The center is part of decisions taken by NATO to protect stability beyond the Alliance’s borders with a particular interest in North Africa.

The establishment of the center was announced by NATO in July 2016. It will be tasked with collating intelligence assessments and coordinating between different national intelligence teams.

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