Morocco: Turkish authorities deport fourth suspect in Merdas’s assassination

Moroccan National Security authorities announced Thursday they were handed over by Turkish authorities the fourth suspect in the assassination of lawmaker Merdas killed in his car early last month.
The suspect according Security is the nephew of the main suspect; a municipal authority, lover of Abdellatif Merdas’s wife.
The man was arrested in Turkey where he flew to after gunning down Merdas behind his wheel on March 7, in the city of Casablanca. He has been under international arrest warrant.
Known by the justice, the man was extracted on board a plane which landed in Mohamed V international airport in Casablanca.
Three people have been already arrested in connection with the crime. Merdas’s wife, her lover and the lover’s sister have been found guilty and regarded as accomplices of the assassination.
Casablanca court of appeal late in March announced that “sex, money, desire to digress” were main motives of the crime.

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