Morocco: Three Alleged IS Militants Arrested in Fes

Morocco: Three Alleged IS Militants Arrested in Fes

Moroccan counter-terrorism forces Thursday netted three alleged Islamic State group (IS) militants in the city of Fes, in the northeastern part of the North African country.

The credit for this latest successful operation again goes to the Bureau Central des Investigations Judiciaires (BCIJ) known as Morocco’s FBI.

The three militants were arrested in a morning operation, local Arabic daily Assabah reports.

The first militant, a student aged under 18, was arrested in his family’s house, at Hay Al Massira Bensouda in the city. The second, a fruit vendor in his forties, was arrested at Hay Zouagha. The third considered as the figurehead of the cell is aged 28 and works as security guard.

Their arrest was possible after BCIJ established links between the three militants and IS fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Security forces discovered during the search of their dwellings cell phones, books and computers, Assabah says.

The three alleged terrorists were handed to the judiciary.

Since its creation in 2015 as a tool meant to reinforce the legal and security anti-terrorism efforts, the BCIJ dismantled over 45 terrorist cells and arrested at least 548 terrorists who were brought before justice (275 in 2015 and 273 in 2016.)

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