International Christian NGO Hails Morocco’s Tolerance Tradition

International Christian NGO Hails Morocco’s Tolerance Tradition

The Netherlands-based Non-profit Christian organization “Open Doors” has hailed Morocco’s tolerance and religious openness, saying it is a land promoting cohabitation between civilizations.

In its 2016 report, the NGO, which is present in over 60 countries around the world, says Morocco stands out in the Arab World and in the North African region for its tolerant Islam allowing other religions to enjoy peace and full expansion.

The North African country, despite terrorist threats, is the best example of good cohabitation between different religions and a model in this field thanks to King Mohammed VI’s sustained efforts to promote an open, tolerant and moderate Islam, the NGO states.

In the “Open Doors” report, Libya tops the list of countries in the region where Christians are permanently persecuted. The now divided North African country ranks 11th globally.

Egypt ranks 21st globally followed by Tunisia in the 29th place. Algeria comes in 37th position for its persecutions of Christians. Mauritania ranks 47th and is also tagged among countries where Christians are persecuted

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