Morocco to Help Nigeria Develop its Fertilizers Industry

Morocco to Help Nigeria Develop its Fertilizers Industry

King Mohammed VI and Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari presided in Abuja over the signing ceremony of a partnership to build a fertilizers plant in Nigeria.

King Mohammed VI who is in Abuja on an official visit as part of an African tour gives substance through establishing win-win partnerships with African countries and putting Morocco’s expertise and know-how at the service of the continent within the framework of an inter-African south-south cooperation endeavor.

The new plant will be built by Morocco’s state-run phosphates company OCP and will benefit the whole of the agricultural value chain in Nigeria. The plant will help boost the availability of fertilizers at competitive prices in Nigeria and will benefit small farmers in the country.

The project is conducive to Nigeria’s attempt to diversify its economy by fostering the agricultural sector as the country was severely battered by the falling oil prices.

On the same occasion, the two Heads of State chaired the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements relating to visa exemption for holders of diplomatic passports, air transport, fisheries, agriculture, insurance, renewable energies, civil engineering and housing.

King Mohammed VI arrived on Friday in Abuja where he was received by Buhari with an official ceremonial welcome.

Afterwards, the Moroccan Monarch and Nigeria’s President performed the Friday prayer at Abuja’s National Mosque.

Following the prayer, the King donated to the parties in charge of Nigeria’s religious affairs management ten thousand copies of the Holy Quran, published by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Holy Quran Publication. The holy book will be distributed in Nigerian mosques.

King Mohammed VI is visiting Nigeria part of an African tour, which previously led him to Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

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