Libya: Terrorists-Launched Shells kill Several Civilians in Benghazi

Libya: Terrorists-Launched Shells kill Several Civilians in Benghazi

Shells launched from a rebel-held position on a residential area in Benghazi on Tuesday killed several people, a military spokesman loyal to Khalifa Hafter told media.

The shelling came from a terrorist-controlled position, according to Fadel al-Hassi, a spokesman for Dignity Operation, led by Marshal Khalifa Hafter.

The shells hit two locations in Benghazi’s Sidi Hussein district, reports say. They targeted the building hosting the Libyan National Army (LNA) financial administration in the city and a nearby apartment block, Libya Herald reports.

At least five civilians reportedly from Egypt, Libya and Sudan died in the shelling. The attacks also injured 16 people.

Haftar launched two years ago Dignity Operation in Benghazi to clear the city of terrorists and other rebels opposed to him. The LNA has claimed victory over the terrorists but it is still facing resistance from militants who still control parts of the city.

Reports say Tuesday shelling was the work of Benghazi Revolutionaries’ Shoura Council in retaliation to intensive bombardment by Khalifa Haftar’s airpower supported by foreign war planes.

The Libyan Marshal is said to be receiving air assistance from foreign countries including the United Arab

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