Mauritania: One Ton of Cocaine Seized at Nouadhibou Port

Mauritania: One Ton of Cocaine Seized at Nouadhibou Port

mauritania-drugsA coordinated network assault by state security forces on Sunday led to the seizure of one ton of cocaine at Nouadhibou sea port, reports say.

Army coast guards, military police and police forces launched the coordinated operation at and around the port located in the city of Nouadhibou, more than 400 km north of capital Nouakchott, on Saturday night after authorities were tipped off that a vessel was carrying the drug.

The port of origin of the vessel is not known yet but authorities have launched investigations to identify accomplices.

Mauritania has become a main transit point for drug trafficking in West Africa and in the Sahel. Late April, the Mauritanian army seized 475 kilograms of drugs from a group of traffickers after a chase and gun battle.

UN’s Regional officer for the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism in Central and West Africa, Pierre Lapack, had sounded the alarm the same month that drug trafficking and terrorism constitute real threats to peace and security in the Sahel region including Mauritania.

Drug traffickers are reportedly linked to terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb.

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