Casablanca Airport Passenger number up 4.47% in May

The number of passengers at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca have grown by 4.47% in May compared to the same period last year, the national airport office (ONDA) said.

Figures issued by the same office show that 707,790 travelers used the airport in May compared to 677,514 the same period a year earlier.

Passengers on board flights to or from Europe decreased by 1.56%, whereas travelers to or from Latin America and Asia registered a considerable rebound of 47.56% and 16.35% respectively. The Number of domestic flights passengers rose by 9.56%.

In terms of the number of travelers by country, France takes the lion’s share with 150.310 passengers, followed by Italy (51, 327), Spain (36,502) and Turkey (26,497).

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