Algeria: Military Helicopter Crash Kills 12 Soldiers

Algeria: Military Helicopter Crash Kills 12 Soldiers

An Algerian military helicopter crashed Sunday near Reggane (Adrar) in the south of the country causing the death of 12 soldiers.

According to the defence ministry, the crash was caused by a technical problem. Two other soldiers have been injured in the crash.

“A helicopter, a troop carrier Mi-171 type belonging to the Algerian air forces on a mission near Reggane and due to a technical problem crashed today Sunday March 27, 2016 at 6pm,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

Investigations to uncover root causes of the crash have been launched by the Algerian Chief of Staff who also doubles as the country’s deputy-defence minister.

Reports indicate most of the victims of the crash were high ranking army officers.

This latest crash adds up to other numerous army aircraft crashes which occurred over the past years.

In October 2014, an army aircraft crashed in the south of the country during a military drill killing the soldiers aboard the aircraft. Earlier the same year, in February, a military aircraft crashed in the East of the country killing 77 soldiers. Also, in December 2012, two army aircrafts collided in the air during a military drill. The crash killed the two pilots flying the two helicopters.

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