Libya to hold promotional summit

An event to showcase a new Libya is less than three weeks away. The Libyan summit which will commence from the 20th to the 22nd of November is seen as opportunity for investors to discover newer avenues for growth and novel strategies for stability and economic excellence in the country.
Present at the summit will be business leaders, global policy makers, diplomats and other stakeholders of Libya on a single platform to explore enhanced opportunities for Libya as a thriving economy. High on the agenda are subjects related to the revival of the economy, developing the health and educational sector as well as rebuilding the public and private sectors.
Prior to the opening of the summit, a special pre-conference session will be held on the eve and it will be dedicated to Libya’s path towards ending Ghadaffi’s regime by Mathew VanDyke, an American citizen who was once under the leader’s custody.
Dr Abdulmonem Alyaseer, a member of Libya’s General National Congress will be giving the keynote address on the official opening ceremony while the vice president of Middle East Affairs of the US chamber of Commerce, Lionel C. Johnson, will be presenting a special session on supporting Libyan-US relations.
Vladislav Kulakovsky, project risk manager from Lukoil will throw some light on the role of foreign companies investing in restoring oil production.
Local and foreign delegates from other reputable institutions will also take their turns to address issues during the summit which the organizers, Fleming Gulf Conferences, hope will offer a wide range of opportunities to businesses. Panel discussions will centre on topics including transforming Libya as a model of stability and economic excellence, rebuilding the strategies for favorable business and opportunities for the oil and gas sector.

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