Morocco: 3 soldiers sentenced to three years in prison for possession of IS flag

Morocco military court has sentenced respectively three Morocco military personnel to three years in prison after the suspects were found in possession of an IS flag, reports say.
The three men positioned in Tichla region, were caught three month ago after the national gendarmerie received information that they were in position of the flag. The gendarmerie found the flag in the house of one of the suspects after a search. He told on a second whom he said gave him the flag. The second revealed the name of a third whom he said also gave him the flag after he designed it.
All the three soldiers had been suspended from their job for three months and had been incarcerated under the instruction of the military court.
Reports add that further investigations, scientific revealed that the third soldier who designed the flag was in touch with an extremist at Sale. However the man later confessed that he designed it out of curiosity after searching on internet.
Reports say they have been sentenced under article 196 of Moroccan military penal code.
Morocco has come under the limelight for its efficient counter-terrorism strategy that has helped foil and dismantle hundreds of attacks and terrorist cells.
The kingdom of Morocco has been qualified as the safest North African country by the British Foreign Office. The Spanish Think Tank El Cano in its latest report on terrorism in North Africa indicated that Morocco is the only North African country that has not witnessed any terrorist attack since 2011, following Marrakech terrorist bombing which killed 17 tourists.
Morocco’s intelligence service also pivotally helped French intelligence service to kill ringleader of Paris attacks. Morocco provided a vital tip-off on the hideout of the mastermind.
Also Morocco intelligence service reportedly early December helped their Spanish counterpart to abort an IS-plan terrorist attack in Barcelona. Morocco’s assistance helped arrest of members of an active IS cell.
In addition, also in December, French magazine Le Mag quoting local media indicated that Moroccan intelligence services were solicited to help secure Pope Francis’s recent trip to Central African Republic (CAR).

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