Morocco, Spain’s largest electricity supplier

Morocco topped the list of electricity suppliers to Spain in 2018 with 2088GW per hour, Spanish institute Red Eléctrica de España said.

The institute said that 76% of electricity trade flows on the border were taken by Morocco while the remaining 24% by Spain.

Morocco and Spain will further boost their electric connectivity with a third link that will have a capacity of 700MW bringing the combined commercial capacity of all links to 1500 MW,

An agreement was signed in that regard earlier this year at a ceremony in Rabat chaired by King Mohammed VI and his guest King Felipe V of Spain.

Feasibility studies will be conducted by the Spanish grid operator and its Moroccan counterpart ONEE while the cost would amount to $150 million, shared equally between the two countries.

The interconnection could bring in revenues of €140 million to the Spanish electricity system, gained from tolls and congestion rent since an auction system for the management of the exchange capacity could be implemented.

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