Tag: Western Sahara

Tindouf Camps boiling, anger against Polisario intensifying

June 1, 2023

Anger continues to build up in the Tindouf camps which are rocked by growing demonstrations making Polisario leaders uncomfortable and responding with more repression and ... Read More

Sahara: British MP Liam Fox supports Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the only way to move forward

May 31, 2023

Member of UK Parliament Liam Fox has expressed support for the autonomy plan offered by Morocco for the Sahara under its sovereignty, saying the plan ... Read More

Morocco’s UN representative underscores tenets of kingdom’s diplomacy

May 31, 2023

Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Omar Hilal underscored the tenets of Moroccan diplomatic action on top of which a steadfast attachment to multilateralism ... Read More

The EU should follow UK’s suit in dealing with Polisario’s judicial maneuvers

May 29, 2023

A UK court rejected irrevocably the challenge by the Polisario to the association agreement with Morocco which includes the Sahara territory, in a new setback ... Read More

UN/Sahara: Several countries reaffirm support for Moroccan Autonomy Plan

May 29, 2023

Several countries have reaffirmed strong support for the “realistic & serious” autonomy plan offered by Morocco for the Sahara under its sovereignty during the UN ... Read More

Pan-African Parliament: Morocco foils Polisario’s attempt to add Sahara issue to agenda

May 25, 2023

The Moroccan delegation participating in the Pan-African Parliament meeting, convening in Johannesburg (South Africa), has foiled an attempt by the Polisario to put the Sahara ... Read More

Sahara: UN denies likely resignation of UN SG’s Personal Envoy as mere speculation

May 24, 2023

The United Nations has formally denied the possible resignation of Staffan de Mistura, the UN Secretary General's personal envoy for the Sahara. During his daily ... Read More

Cabo Verde reaffirms support for Morocco’s territorial integrity, autonomy Plan as “only solution” to Sahara issue

May 24, 2023

The government of Cabo Verde has reiterated its support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and reaffirmed its backing to the autonomy plan initiative presented by Morocco ... Read More

On Italy’s double speak on Sahara issue

May 23, 2023

Italy’s embassy in Rabat has issued a statement reiterating its stand in favor of a UN solution to the Sahara issue, while dismissing Algeria’s news ... Read More

Sahara: Lisbon reaffirms support to Morocco’s realistic Autonomy Plan

May 13, 2023

Portugal has reaffirmed its strong backing to the autonomy plan offered by Morocco for the Sahara under its sovereignty, describing the Moroccan initiative as a ... Read More