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Remittances from African diaspora grew in 2023, set to exceed $100bn in 2024

January 14, 2024

Global remittances from African diaspora to their home continent are set to exceed $100bn a year amid demographic trends in Europe such as an aging ... Read More

Efficient ports are key to Africa’s future economic success

May 4, 2023

While the ability to export products or import inputs efficiently will be key to helping African countries engage more comprehensively with global trade, a new ... Read More

Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa slowing down Africa’s growth, says World Bank

April 6, 2023

A new report by World Bank has highlighted the underperformance of Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and other African big economies, saying they are slowing down ... Read More

Air pollution costs MENA region $141 billion annually, WB warns

February 8, 2022

The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) suffers from excessive air pollution whose cost amounts to $141 billion annually, or around 2% of GDP, ... Read More

Morocco seized COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to accelerate reforms – World Bank says

July 1, 2021

Morocco managed to use the Covid-19 context as an opportunity to accelerate reforms by launching policies to address inequities and resolve some of the obstacles ... Read More