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Mauritanian Government: ‘Death Penalty for Blasphemy, Apostasy to Go into Effect’

November 18, 2017

The Mauritanian Government has vowed to apply death penalty for blasphemy and apostasy, few days after a blogger, accused of the punishable crime, managed to ... Read More

Mauritania: Parents of Blogger Condemned to Death Seek Asylum in France

December 17, 2016

The parents of Cheikh Ould Mohamed Ould Mkheitir, a Mauritanian blogger condemned to death for apostasy, have filed asylum application in French embassy in Senegal ... Read More

Mauritania: Court Upholds Death Penalty against Blogger, Final Decision Lies with Supreme Court

April 22, 2016

A Mauritanian court Thursday confirmed death penalty against the 33-year old blogger sentenced to death one year ago after publishing an alleged blasphemous article on ... Read More