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Spain prepares transferring Sahara airspace management to Morocco

February 27, 2024

Spain is mulling transferring the management of the airspace of the Sahara territory to Morocco, ending one of the last relics of Spanish colonial rule ... Read More

U.S.A.-Algeria: Political tension leads Algiers to deny airspace to U.S. military plane

December 12, 2023

The reckless ruling Algerian junta has refused to allow a C-17 plane of U.S. Air Force into its airspace without giving the reasons behind such ... Read More

West’s waning influence in Africa laid bare as France announces withdrawal from Niger

September 26, 2023

France's decision to withdraw its ambassador and military forces from Niger, the West's last key ally in the central Sahel region, amid a wave anti-French ... Read More

Rwanda accuses DRC jet of violating airspace after talks to resolve conflict

November 8, 2022

The Rwandan government said a Congolese army fighter jet violated its airspace on Monday (7 November), just 48 hours after a deal to defuse rising ... Read More

Mali junta slams France for allegedly sending weapons to Islamist militants

August 19, 2022

Mali has accused France of violating its airspace and supporting "terrorist groups" by delivering weapons to armed groups, the latest in a barrage of accusations ... Read More