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Ethiopia set to repatriate some 70,000 nationals in ‘difficult situation’ from Saudi Arabia

April 2, 2024

Ethiopia has announced it is going to repatriate some 70,000 of its nationals who have been living in squalid conditions in Saudi Arabia, a third ... Read More

Somalia-Turkey security deal to deter terrorism, piracy and Ethiopia’s territorial designs — experts

February 26, 2024

The defense cooperation agreement between Somalia and Turkey signed earlier this month (8 February) aims to achieve several objectives, experts say, including Ankara’s helping Mogadishu ... Read More

Somalia: no mediation with Ethiopia until Somaliland port deal cancelled

January 19, 2024

The Ethiopia-Somalia feud continues as Mogadishu has called on Addis Ababa to retract its deal with Somaliland, ruling out on Thursday (18 January) any possible ... Read More

Addis Ababa Declaration: 54 African countries pledge to minimize impact of mineral mining

August 29, 2023

Environment ministers from fifty-four African countries have acknowledged key environmental challenges faced by the continent — land degradation, desertification and drought – in the Addis ... Read More

Addis Ababa: Morocco Takes Part in 19th African Ministerial Conference on the Environment

August 15, 2023

Morocco is taking part in the 19th African ministerial conference on the environment which opened Tuesday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss ways of enhancing ... Read More

Ethiopian parliament ratifies state of emergency in Amhara region amid escalating violence

August 15, 2023

In its extraordinary session, the Ethiopian House of People's Representatives (HoPR) on Monday (14 August) voted in favor of a six-month state of emergency rule ... Read More

Morocco Celebrates Africa’s Day and Its South-South Cooperation Policy

May 26, 2023

Morocco celebrated on Thursday Africa’s Day and its solidarity south-south cooperation spearheaded by King Mohammed VI for the emergence of a New, strong, stable, unified ... Read More

African leaders to meet in Addis Ababa to fast-tract implementation of free-trade area

February 17, 2023

African leaders will hold a summit on Saturday and Sunday at the headquarters of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa with the aim of ... Read More

‘Health Silk Road’: China’s health diplomacy in Africa in post-COVID era

October 11, 2022

The controversial Beijing-funded African Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that is due to open in the next few months is just ... Read More

Tug-of-war: West and Russia vying for influence in Africa

July 28, 2022

French President Emanuel Macron and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are each visiting several African countries this week in what is widely seen as a ... Read More