Algeria arrests two journalists after critical report

Algeria arrests two journalists after critical report

Algeria arrested two journalists who reported about the discontent of an Algerian businesswoman at an event, in a new incident that shows the government’s zero tolerance towards dissent and press freedom.

Sofiane Ghirous and Ferhat Omar of the news website “Algérie Scoop” were arrested for doing their job in zooming in on challenges facing women-led start-ups and the lack of attention they get from authorities.

The government said the report was promoting “hate speech,” in a new case that highlights the use of bogus charges to silence free speech.

Algeria has silenced critics since the duo chief of staff chengriha and his puppet president Tebboune took power.

Many, once independent news outlets, had to shut down or saw their editors silenced, co-opted, or jailed, as was the case with head of Radio M Ihsane El kadi.

El Kadi was sentenced to five years in prison on charges of receiving foreign funds. Human rights defenders urge his release, saying he was arrested because he dared to uncover the corruption and dysfunctions in the Algerian economy.

Algeria’s ranking by the press freedom watchdog Reporters without Borders deteriorated from 139th to 180th in 2024.

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