Syrian mercenaries seek cash in Niger’s mayhem

Syrian mercenaries seek cash in Niger’s mayhem

Hundreds of pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries are flocking to Niger to join the ranks of the military regime in Niamey.

AFP cited several unnamed fighters, lured by cash, who traveled with a Turkish private company to the resource rich country in the unstable Sahel region.

The company takes advantage of good ties between Ankara and Niamey, since the latter took its distances from the West, sacking French troops and halting a military cooperation deal with the US.

And in recent months, at least 1,000 fighters have been sent to Niger “to protect Turkish projects and interests,” said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor.

According to AFP, Syrian mercenaries earn on average 1500 dollars monthly, a good sum compared to the situation in the war-ravaged northern Syria where they mostly come from.

Turkey has also reportedly sent mercenaries to help Azerbaijan in its war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Observes see that Turkey is emulating the example of the Wagner group, by setting up a framework where they can mobilize mercenaries to defend their strategic interest without officially taking responsibility for any potential atrocities.

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