Algeria doubles down on hostile acts against Niger

Algeria doubles down on hostile acts against Niger

Algeria’s military-led diplomacy has opted for escalation with Niger, summoning its ambassador to Algiers to say the complaints about a mistreatment of Sub-Saharan migrants were “unfounded.”

Niger had summoned Algeria’s ambassador to denounce the harsh treatment by Algerian authorities of Niger migrants, who have been violently upheld, robbed by Algerian authorities before being abandoned in the desert.

The degrading treatment of Sub-Saharan migrants in southern Algeria has been a common practice for decades by a regime that imposed a media blackout on the plight of migrants in the country.

On the other side of the border, in Niger and Mali, rights watchdogs have denounced refoulement cases and violent treatment of migrants, who are bussed and thrown in the harsh desert borders with Mali.

Algeria, as it refuses to look itself in the mirror and acknowledge its wrongdoing, has added salt to injury accusing Niger of violating bilateral agreements relating to repatriation of migrants!

Niger, however, has never signed a deal that allows Algerian authorities to rob poor migrants and abandon them in hot and dry desert without food or water.

Niger in its statement after summoning the Algerian ambassador to Niamey had called on Algerian authorities to make sure that it repatriates only Niger nationals “while respecting their dignity and physical integrity…as well as protecting their valuables.”

Algeria, whose outgoing and current president have not made any official visit to any African country, has for long claimed championing African causes. But it has yet to match words with actions.

The crisis with Niger shows that relations are at their low and are on the brink of deterioration following the example of Algeria’s ties with Mali and eastern Libya.

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