Al-Shabab Jihadists force thousands to flee northern Mozambique

Al-Shabab Jihadists force thousands to flee northern Mozambique

Thousands of civilians have been forced to flee northern Mozambique due to a surge in Al Shabab jihadist attacks, further worsening the humanitarian and the refugee crisis in the country.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR said it was “deeply concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis in Cabo Delgado,” which pushed thousands to seek a shelter south.

Since the latest outbreak of violence and attacks on civilians at the beginning of February, more than 70,000 people have been forcibly displaced across the districts of Macomia, Chiure, Mecufi, Mocimboa da Praia, and Muidumbe, it said.

Nearly 90 per cent of those displaced are women, many of them pregnant, people with disabilities, and the elderly, it added.

Human Rights Watch said the attacks were perpetrated by Al Shabab and that government effort to counter jihadist attacks are insufficient to secure the area.

“Mozambican authorities should improve security for residents in threatened areas and ensure better protection and reintegration plans for people who decide to return to their homes,” it said.

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