Chad’s PM Commends Royal Atlantic Initiative from Washington

Chad’s PM Commends Royal Atlantic Initiative from Washington

Chad’s Prime Minister, Succès Masra, has commended, in Washington, the Initiative of King Mohammed VI aimed at promoting access of the Sahel States to the Atlantic Ocean, deeming it “very relevant”.

Speaking during a round table held by the U.S think tank The Atlantic Council, Succès Masra, who is on an official visit to the United States, stressed that Morocco “showed the way towards South-South cooperation.”

“There are lessons that sub-Saharan countries can learn from Morocco,” he said in response to a question on the Royal Initiative, asked by the director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, Rama Yade.

Masra, who indicated that he plans to visit Morocco soon, emphasized the need for Chad to continue to cultivate partnerships that serve the integration and development of Africa.

During this meeting held in the presence of Morocco’s ambassador to Washington, Youssef Amrani and the U.S Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Molly Phee, Chad’s Premier cited a concrete example of innovative actions for the continent’s development, mainly the Noor Solar Power Plant in Ouarzazate.

He said he was familiar with this major project when he previously served at the African Development Bank.

Several officials from the U.S administration attended the meeting.

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