At UN, African countries urge “sustainable” use of transitional minerals

At UN, African countries urge “sustainable” use of transitional minerals

A group of African countries urged the UN environmental assembly in Nairoby to adopt a resolution on the sustainable use of minerals key to the process of energy transition.

The decision would help African countries avoid injustice and extra-activism as the global clean energy agenda speeds up and demand increases on key minerals.

Billions of tons of transitional minerals will be needed in the next three decades if the world is to meet its climate goals, according to the United Nations Environment Program.

Africa has more than a half of the world’s cobalt and manganese, and 92% of its platinum, which are all Critical to manufacturing batteries and solar panels.

The resolution would help African countries tap into the energy transition requirements by boosting their development, job creation and breaking away with the extractive model that left Africa poor for centuries.

African leaders hope the resolution would facilitate technology transfers, and raise local countries’ processing capacities and workforce skills, are necessary for an equitable transition, leaders said at the assembly.


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