Algeria Army Chief ignites diplomatic row with Kinshasa following trip to Kigali

Algeria Army Chief ignites diplomatic row with Kinshasa following trip to Kigali

The Algerian regime is embroiled in a new diplomatic spat with Kinshasa, sparked by the warmonger army chief Saïd Chengriha following his provocative trip lately to Kigali amid heightened tensions between Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) and Rwanda.

The reckless Algerian top General travelled to Rwanda in a bid to get support after his country suffered a series of diplomatic setbacks in its showdown with neighboring Morocco over the Sahara issue.

According to press reports, Chengriha’s talks in Kigali focused on military cooperation, training, and support for the M-23 separatist group, an armed militia like the Algeria-backed polisario thugs.

The Algerian interference in the Great Lake conflicts has infuriated DRC authorities which summoned on Monday Algerian Ambassador to Kinshasa to protest Chengriha’s hostile meddling and remarks threatening their national security.

Algeria has not officially commented on the summon which came at context Algeria is losing foothold in its immediate Sahel neighbourhood.

The repressive and corrupt Algerian regime has lost its economic and diplomatic battles against Morocco. It has strained relations with its neighbors and the majority of Arab and European countries after uncovering its deceptive propaganda and delusions.

In the Sahel, the Algerian junta, de factor ruler, has lost its leverage and strategic backyard, leaving it disoriented.

Algeria has previously recalled its ambassador for consultation after Mali summoned Algerian ambassador to protest for meddling in its domestic affairs.

Niger rejected Algeria’s mediation in its domestic crisis, while the ECOWAS rejected any Algerian role in the region.

Now, the Algerian authorities are focusing on Mauritania and Tunisia offering them economic sweeteners which are no longer silver bullets.

Instead of investing and building bridges of security, stability and co-development across the African continent, the Algerian junta is supporting bloodshed, separatism, and divisions.

Meanwhile, neighboring Morocco is emerging as a regional economic and military power. Thanks to its political & macro-economic stability and geostrategic position, the North African Kingdom is thriving, becoming a competitive production hub and a gateway for investment into Africa.

Morocco’s solidarity-based south-south cooperation is gaining momentum and worldwide praise with the launch of the Royal initiative offering Atlantic access to Sahel countries.

Backed by Morocco’s friends, partners and allies including the US-led Partnership for Atlantic Cooperation, the initiative will bring in shared prosperity, security, and will transform the whole the continent.

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