Guinea detains French journalist Thomas Dietrich

Guinea detains French journalist Thomas Dietrich

Authorities in Guinea Conakry arrested Sunday January 14 in capital Conakry French journalist Thomas Dietrich who has been in the West African country to investigate state-run fuel company Société Nationale des Pétroles (SONAP), following a deadly explosion at the country’s main fuel terminal that killed 24 people.

Dietrich was arrested at his hotel. Authorities did not provide reasons for his arrest but media in the African country have called for his release and condemned the State’s alleged attitude aiming at silencing critical media.

The State and main media unions in the country have been involved in feud since late last year after media regulator HAC shut down in December 2023 three private media, claiming they were putting the country’s security in jeopardy.

It is not the first time the French journalist is being arrested in an African country. Dietrich who has worked in several African countries was first thrown out of Conakry in 2020. He was also arrested and kicked out of Chad in 2016 after he criticized former leader of the country, late Idriss Déby Itno.

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