Chad’s new Premier turns own monthly salary into scholarships

Chad’s new Premier turns own monthly salary into scholarships

Chad’s Prime Minister Succes Masra announced Sunday he will not take his monthly salary that, he said, will be converted into scholarships for the promotion of excellence in 23 regions of the country.

“I’m giving up my Prime Minister’s salary entirely. Every job deserves a salary, they say, but I don’t feel I’m working. I feel I’m on a mission and privileged to serve the Republic, so 100% of my salary will be devoted to a social scholarship to promote excellence in Chad’s 23 regions,” he told the national television in an interview.

“I benefited from excellence scholarships and social grants from very modest backgrounds. Having started school in the village, it only took people believing in who I am. I was built by people who simply banked on the talent they could see, banked on the potential they could see, and didn’t look down on my social condition,” he added.

Masra, leader of the opposition, became Prime Minister early this month in replacement of Saleh Kebzabo who led the administration for 14 months.

He on January 2nd unveiled a 41-member cabinet dominated by Kebzabo’s team including Foreign Minister Mahamat Saleh Annadif, Minister of Public Security Mahamat Charfadine Margui, and the Minister of Armed Forces Dago Yacouba.

He also announced that his first task is “to bring children back to school.”

“The first thing we hope to do is get the children back into school. Once the children are in school, the adults, we can work together to dialogue and move forward,” he emphasized.

Masra told the state-run media that he will be candidate for 2024 presidential elections set to end the transition led by General Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno.

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