Madagascar: Christian Ntsay re-appointed as Prime Minister for new term

Madagascar: Christian Ntsay re-appointed as Prime Minister for new term

Madagascar’s recently re-elected President Andry Rajoelina has re-appointed on January 4 his former Prime Minister Christian Ntsay for the same position, as he begins a second term in office following November disputed elections.

Rajoelina Thursday told lawmakers of his party and allies that three criteria led him to choose Ntsay as Prime Minister.

“Loyalty is a sacred and precious thing to me,” he said. “Loyalty is a difficult thing these days because the people we trust often betray us,” he added. The 49-year-old President argued that his choice was also motivated by Ntsay’s experience.

“We need someone who has a firm grasp of development projects and objectives,” he said.

For him, the man who had been his Premier since 2019, knows his style of work and has a good grasp of the vision and objectives set.

The appointment of the Prime Minister comes two weeks after Rajoelina’s inauguration as President for a second term in office, following his victory at November 16th elections whose results were rejected by the opposition.

The elections were marred by a low turnout and violent campaigns.

Ntsay will serve as Prime Minister until the legislatives set to be organized in the first quarter of 2024.

“I believe that winning the majority in the next elections will allow us to define and put in place a person who will be trained and who will lead us towards change,” Rajoelina added.


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