French news outlet describes Moroccan King’s visit to UAE as a ‘powerful symbol of unity, solidarity’

French news outlet describes Moroccan King’s visit to UAE as a ‘powerful symbol of unity, solidarity’

King Mohammed VI’s working and fraternal visit to the United Arab Emirates is being hailed as a “powerful symbol of unity and solidarity” between the two nations, according to ABC Bourse, a French financial news outlet.

The French publication highlighted in an article the visit’s notable feature, and described exchanges between the King and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as “warm exchanges” that reflect a “strong personal connection and shared strategic goals.”

The publication noted that the Sovereign, accompanied by a large delegation, demonstrated Morocco’s commitment to the bilateral relationship by signing twelve specific memoranda of understanding covering a wide array of sectors. These agreements underscore a joint ambition to enhance economic, industrial, and social collaboration.

The proposed development projects translate a “mutual commitment to advancing sustainable and responsible growth,” as detailed by ABC Bourse. The collaboration’s framework involves a mix of private and public capital, concessional loans, and innovative financial instruments.

ABC Bourse further emphasized that the historical cooperation between Morocco and the UAE has been marked by significant moments that strengthened their ties.

Since establishing diplomatic relations, the two nations have shown mutual solidarity and strategic support, with diplomatic ties rapidly formed in the early years following the formation of the UAE, it explained.

Over the subsequent decades, the UAE has become a “key” economic partner for Morocco, making substantial investments in diverse sectors such as real estate, tourism, and agriculture. This investment dynamic is supported by bilateral agreements, regular official visits, and ongoing political dialogue.

Internationally, the two countries have frequently aligned their positions and supported each other in multilateral forums, reflecting a “shared vision of regional and global issues.”

The historical foundation of cooperation sets the stage for the current strategic partnership, aiming to build on past successes for an even more prosperous future.

The royal visit and the signing of twelve specific memorandums of understanding represent not just a continuation of a long tradition of bilateral collaboration but also a significant stride towards deeper and strategically aligned cooperation in the face of contemporary and future challenges, as noted by the news outlet.

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