Chad approves establishment of independent anti-corruption watchdog

Chad approves establishment of independent anti-corruption watchdog

The Chadian Parliament Thursday November 16 voted largely for the creation of an independent anti-corruption Agency to curb the phenomenon that the lawmakers argue has deteriorated the climate of business.

Ramatou Mahamat Houtouin, the Secretary General of government presented the government proposal before the Parliament. 145 lawmakers voted in favor of the proposal while three stood against it.

Chad ranked in 2022, 167 out of 180 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. The central African country scored 19 over 100. The lawmakers, ‘Tchad Infos’ reports, welcomed the government move which has also established a list of authorities or State officials to be checked.

“The evolution of corruption in Chad has gained ground in all its forms to such an extent that Chad has found itself dominated by impunity, inequality, legal insecurity, social injustice and red tape, negatively affecting the general business climate and discouraging investors who, through their trading actions, could propel the country’s economy forward,” the legislature said.

“Corruption is not only bad because it unfairly disadvantages certain population groups, but the crucial problem is much more clearly demonstrated in the context of each country’s economic policy. It hampers economic growth, undermines the rule of law and wastes skills and resources,” it also argued.

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